BDAS, aka Blood Angels, was arguably one of the best tribes in the early stages of world 6. They quickly rose through the ranks and at one time dominated the top 20 player rankings with some 12-15 players in it. Led by Virus eX Urban, the tribe was a force to be reckoned with. It was the first 'elite' tribe to rise up to be #1 within 2-3 weeks of the game and after a week or two of taking 1st they had some 100k+ (a lot at that point in the game) lead on the #2 tribe. Had they continued on their path of success, they would've undoubtetly been a tribe to be around until the end. Unfortunetly this was not the case and due to some internal struggles the tribe began to collapse upon itself. No one knows exactly why their top players left, but they did. As they began to fall; their leader, Virus eX Urban proposed to the tribe a merge into CHE!!! (aka Cheese Alliance). Most of the tribe agreed until Trace666 tried to take over and deleted the polls. After such an act Virus eX Urban left BDAS and took most of the 'elite' players with him to CHE!!!. To this day BDAS still exists, but only because it's false creator still holds the tag. When BDAS began to decline in power, the top players that did not join Virus eX Urban (or left before) dispersed into the world, joining tribes such as, PH, MCD and GU. Now with MCD and PH dead, most of the original BDAS members are in CHE!!!, but some still linger in tribes such as CORE and DF.

The success of BDAS was able to gain so much power so early, mainly because of their mindframe and recruiting techniques. They were aggressive, feared and arrogant. They marketed themselves as an elite tribe and it attracted the elite players to them. They truly were a rememberable tribe, simply because they dominated the p&p early on in the game. Heigthening their attractiveness to the elite players. At the end of their peak, they had half of world 6 united against them, all of the n00bs of course were in this coalition as they called it.

All in all, BDAS is a tribe that will be remembered for a long time in world 6. Even though their stay as the top dawg was a short one, they made a huge name for themselves in that span and still lingers around in peoples conversations/debates on the forums.

Add on: Mystery solved? As I was one of the (no arrogance intended) BDAS top players to leave I can shed some light on the issue. A leader of BDAS, quit and came back on the rim, he was the recruiter of BDAS and so a group of people felt loyalty to him, myself included. He wanted to branch on to head a tribe and he attempted to poach out members from BDAS when things were starting to look troubled, So a couple of us who were perhaps disgruntled for one reason or another left and thus the short lived TP was created, the anarchy was too much for BDAS and it ended up dieing. (LARDINGD)