Central Alliance Vs. Off Topic BrotherhoodEdit

Reasons Behind The WarEdit

The reasons behind this war seem the be how OT has been trying to stir up trouble and bring it's allies in on a war to remove the CA from power. These "Shenanigans" as it was put by the [DR] Duke Cyrano were tolerated by the CA until they felt they had to act. Currently, the FF family helps the OTB family and people are looking at the Cult family now

Other CombatantsEdit

PDM was involved in a war with OT before this war began and has welcomed the assistance of the CA in defeating OT. It seems there has been contact between PDM and the CA prior to the declaration of war by the CA and PDM attacks have picked up intensity. It is not expected for any conflict to arise between the CA and PDM over any OT villages.

The reason ROA joined the war on the CA's side seems to be a number of villages OT has taken from ROA.

Cult entered the war on July 21st to come to the aid of their allies. On July 22, Cult retracted the war declaration because of a (supposed) traitorous plot by an OTB member.

Aristocrats Publicly Involved With Each Tribes StatusEdit




OT-OT Gnas: "Nuts!" (Translation: OT does not usually post on public forums and the quote is the only post that has been seen and attributed to OT.)



War NarrativeEdit

War Declared 5th of July 2007

Current ScoreEdit

OTB still standing all other tribes in the war are gone,

Thank you for playing


Off Topic Brotherhood