This is a brief narrative of CHE!!!'s history on world 6. Copied off what Bloodhood wrote on the forum, found at

1. before world 6 started i (bloodhood) decided that i would create another tribe, an elite tribe, i had done quite well on OAK on world 4 but knew i had made my mistakes, and wanted to make up for many of them. So i contacted a load of members that i had known form past worlds, like Shesh, nedowiz, hades1234, Lord Executor, and the list goes up to just over 10.

2. The tribe was formed and we started to do well, we had members like me, Shesh and Guus being frequently in the top 20 and doing very well. We found a tribe on K44 called PoD and even though it was early, we allies with them, since they had great members, like gans and hompsu. We eventually merged with them and they were around 8 players.

3. We continued to build up, we became around 30 members and were doing very well for ourselves, people were starting to take notice and we created an alliance with BDAS, we were their only alliance and vice versa. We established contact with MCD and PH also, there started to become future plans of a circular alliance with us 3, which became more so when BDAS died out.

4. BDAS started falling, they were losing many top players and morale was weakening. He predicted that they were going to continue falling, and so he asked me to merge. I must admit, i was very reluctant. We would go from being a small 30 members tribe that had made its way up to 17th with under 40 members, to a 80 player tribe. They had a strong hold in K44, and so i accepted, knowing that if we stayed 30 members spread out over the world, we would be an easy target. After consulting vpar2 about the merge, i agreed to go ahead, as i had the impression that he appproved.

5. The merge didnt quite pull off, KV came with his most loyal members instead, and we became second. We conquered our way to first, and it was at this point we had quite a few dropping from us, as we had a strong hold on K44, and some of the far out members decided to leave to more local tribes. But we recruited members, and some very good ones, FelipeASA is an example. Our possible alliance with MCD and PH continued. MCD knew they would grow well in K55 and CHE!!! in K44. we would plan to take down K45 and K54 together, as the continent leader would be surrounded on two sides, an easy take down.

6. Gu was noticed by all 3 tribes and were considered as a possible addition to the alliance. NOTE: I cant remember where tribes like =tec= and TIO fit, but they were just part of normal conquering ;)

7. Our alliance was finalised with MCD and PH, i hadnt been told by vpar2 that this was true, but i was assure by Uldor that he had said it was. Later i found that vpar2 quit, and we were never allies. After an election Litwol won. This is where the arguments started, when we still thought we were allies PH started recruiting a few members. It started with Geiriki who moved, and said that he wanted to join a proper tribe, and not spam. We took this as offense, and asked why they took a member off us without telling us, when before vpar2 talked to us when any member asked to join them. We were insulted by the fact that a player left us to an ally, without informing us at all, and we were told where to shove our arguments. We were also at this time told vpar2 had made no alliance and they knew nothing about it.

8. Disagreements continued when PH started more recruiting, including the recruiting of a player very close to a lot of other players. PH members said that PH didnt open recruit, when they were actually recruiting off people that they wanted to ally with. The whole thing was ofcourse overblown, but had they just admitted it, then calm things down it would have done, but they told us once again where to shove our arguments and that they can recruit who they want.

9. I no longer felt secure with making a core alliance with PH. i knew that Uldor and Litwol were good friends, they would stick to each other, and Uldor had also said that he still didnt trust me over world 4. I couldnt be in an alliance such as that, with people who didnt trust me or people not wanting to behave like allies. I aproaced GU, RIM and COB. Together i planned on including them into a core alliance.

10. However, once again things didnt go to plan. RIM wernt doing very well, and COB was reluctant to enter the alliance.

11. Arguments with PH continued further, with them taking in a refugee from one of our wars, etc. etc. All mostly crap. Anyway, it was at this point i was asked by Uldor if we were planning on declaring war on them. First bit of confusion as it would be tactically stupid to wage war on a K55 tribe when we were K44 :S It would be diagonal continent war, we didnt even share a border. lol... we told them we wernt, as we were not. We then also started to decide on another plan of action, we thought, why not create a tribe for K45, that we could ally with, as it appeared GU and CHE!!! the only good, reliable tribes in the core. We aproached Sneggy who was having a tought time by PH and also was on K45. We asked him, and he accepted.

13. The K45 tribe didnt attract too many players, we decided to make a move to persuade Rak and his biggest players in B45 to make an elite tribe. This was probrably our biggest and maybe even only proper mistake in this world. Rak refused and gave the conversation to Uldor and litwol, because of one written line about being an idea to go to war with them, the paranoia started.

14. RIM aproached CHE!!! after not being allowed into GU as he didnt want every member to be account sitted, CHE!!! tried to convince them to join GU, but agreed on the merge. CHE!!! took over PH and heavy critisism of the merge happened.

15. Then we noticed, probrably for reasons of PHs weakness in war (all we wanted for them was a new leader) and B45 pissing themselves at the idea of us coming after them, a lot of merges happened into MCD. It was also now that Uldor started making heavy threats and demands, he downgraded the alliance without notification, and made "counter-attack" plans for war. We made attempts at peace with MCD, but i suppose we will see what happens.

After this CHE!!! and other allies and tribes like GU, RFG, KoD went against the MCD family. MCD was quickly defeated due to some intribe arguments and disagreements over where the tribe was going. Many players left MCD. Whilst CHE!!! and GU continued heavy attacks and conquers on MCD. The MCD leader, Uldor, eventually quit leaving the tribe to its members, who after a while disbanded the tribe.

Results of this fight were that CHE!!! took number one spot in K45 and K47, they moved up to first by a large margin, followed by their allies GU.

After the MCD war, wars such as *LR* vs GU + CHE!!! and War vs CHE!!! went on. Both wars are currently being won by GU and CHE!!!