The CHE!!!/GU alliance, are currently the #1 and #2 tribes by a large margin. Although they are two entirely seperate tribes, they are in a permanent alliance to the end and will help eachother through thick and thin no matter what. The wars they have thus far won/been involved in are:

History of CHE!!!/GU:

The =TEC=/GoF war, CHE!!! took on =TEC=, in it's home continent, K44, the reason was for obvious reasons that CHE!!! has better cheese then =TEC=.

GU took on GoF for dominance of K54.

Both of these tribes were in the same family tribe and both of them once held dominance over K44 or K54 and both have perished. This is a lesson to leaders seeking to make family tribes. They don't work.

The MCD war, At the time, MCD was the #1 tribe, by a very large margin and over-shadowed CHE!!! and GU, by merging with the tribes, PH (which was #2 at the time of merge), B45 (#5 at the time of merge) and of course MCD. Through this transfusion of tribes, MCD seemed stable, strong and fierce on the outside, but when CHE!!!/GU declared war against MCD, they fell apart quite quickly. In less then a week they went from the #1 tribe to the #5 tribe and are expected to continue falling.

The *LR* war, The *LR* war, was actully going on before the MCD war was even dreamt of. It started with *LR* planning attacks against GU, GU found out and counter-attacked. Although out-number some 60:1 members, GU fought fiercy and was on even par with *LR* throughout the war. With the MCD war declining, and CHE!!! sapping strength from other tribes on other K's, CHE!!! declared war on *LR*. Within 2 days of the declaration, *LR* had fallen from #8 to #16. They are expected to continue falling.

This is a short and brief history of the CHE!!!/GU alliance and will it only continue to grow. They currently control the 3 core continents; K44, K54, and K45, when MCD finally falls entirely, GU will control K55. There are also many other mini wars, such as the CHE!!! vs TIO war, which only lasted 2 hours before TIO disbanded, but they aren't really counted as wars.