One of the best ways to contribute to Tribal Wars Wiki is by writing, edited, or updating articles. However before you begin make sure you read through these rules and the editing guide and understand them. If you have any question or comments please post them in the forum or discussion page.

How To Create an Article Edit

Creating and Article is very simple, just follow these short steps.

  • After you have decided on your topic, search for it using the search box at the far left. Make sure that article or a similar one does not already exist. If one does you should consider adding on to that article.
  • Make sure you are logged in if you want credit for your article. If you do not yet have an account there is a 'register' at the top of the window.
  • Once you are logged in go to the main page by clicking main page at the navigation bar to the left. Toward the bottom of the page you should see a a box where you type in the desired Tittle of the article. Click 'Create Article'
  • You will see a blank box where you type your article, you can preview it by scrolling down and pressing preview. make sure to save it when you are done.
  • Read the editing guide for help and make sure your article abides by all the rules below.

Rules on Creating an Article Edit

  • Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuations.
  • If your articles refers to any other article please link it.