D.V is a W3 exclusive tribe, formed by Lierke and Hard to kill hard to die. However, it was made successful under the leadership of Malreaux and Sumner, who later allowed Ender_wiggin to take partial control of the tribe. Eventually, Malreaux quit W3, and left leadership to Sumner and Ender_wiggin. Sumner quit later, leaving control solely to Ender_wiggin, who has since appointed Bigmannie as a duke. Sumner rejoined W3 later, and was restored to a dukeship in D.V.

Demon Vanguard is a member of the CA, a close allience which includes Demon Vanguard (D.V), HT Warriors - Reloaded (HTW-R) and Dead Rising (DR).

Wars of D.V:Edit

D.V has warred against the following tribes:

OT [Currently Happening]

IP [Victory]

_KOD_ and family [Victory]

Masons [Victory]

Rock [Victory]

S-AOD and family [Victory]

D.V's ranking and success:Edit

D.V's highest rank is 2nd, where it currently resides with over 39 million points.

Notable members, and ex-members, of D.V include:








Hard to kill hard to die

Mikey6669 - n00b



and many others.

D.V's DescriptionEdit

The Demon Vanguard is a fellowship of players who adhere to the morals of honor and aggression, conquering and plundering in the name of the true spirit of Tribal Wars under the proudly fluttering banner of the ~Demon Vanguard~.


"Mighty forces oft collide to battle for honor and for pride to cleanse their swords of rust to sate and quench their bloodlust But sometimes mighty forces fall So Zimbru and the Demon Lords united, for deeper bonds to forge A name to be feared the whole world round"

"Mountains tremble, as the earth tremors The sound of marching feet and all your fears coming true as the lion's head rears and leave naught behind but smoldering ash We've marched through decades of war We'll march through fifty lifetimes more and still our roar will yet resound"

"A child cries to sleep alone A village, freshly scoured by war And new men, brave new conquerers Masters of this subdued land theirs to pillage Do not betray us, for you'll find Your widows will wake to a burning village"


D.V's allies:Edit

Alliances are unknown, as this information is sensitive, and not released to the public.