Divine Intervention - -DI- Edit

This tribe I expect is fairly unknown to the TribalWars community, and yet it was an interesting turning point and experiment for a number of respectable players.

The tribe was started in World 6 by arguably one of the best players has seen to date. Most commonly known as Jamm, he also went by other names, the user-name he used in World 6 was Takami Musubi. He collected a group of players that had already made names for themselves in the tribalwars community, and also some other very good players that aren't so well known, even to this day. The group of ~20 members prepped for the world on an off-site forum and arranged the specifics of what the tribe's aims, etc. were.

When World 6 finally came out the tribe started at the same time all with a name theme. This name theme was 'gods'. The members list originally looked like(Sorry if any of you guys didn't want to make an appearance, but hey, I will be updating this when my memory returns):

Red Thorr - UnDo
Kukulcan - Cowboy
Arcas - mcgonagr
Rhadamanthys - Thargoran
Zerocles - Nolldag
Fagus - Intangible
Ngai - Crasher
.Prometheus. - Lhuth
Takami Musubi - Jamm
erebus - Matt-the-twat
Liftrasir - .:Scorpion:.
Inuus - Ruthven
Coeus - Salah al-Din
Hippolytus - Rathmaskalion
Enurta - gravyboatcaptain
yamaraj - Goyal
YHWH - Ender_Wiggin

The tribe held the highest average points for the initial weeks and was looking firm, when things entered the ennobling stage unfortunately the tribe went through internal turmoil and quickly disbanded, mainly joining GU. The players mainly quit though, or only coasted the server due to responsibilities on other worlds. The tribe's main aim was to all noble into one area, and to an extent they succeeded. The tribe had a lot of potential, unfortunatly it wasn't to be.