Estarinuta is a player based on world 18. he is a peaceful person who does not like to offend other players. but he can turn verey nasty when attacked or offended himself. He has not long been playing tribal wars, however he is quickly advancing upwards and is forging many alliances with other players. He tends to only farm inactive/barbarian/bonus villages so that he does not offend other players. Estarinuta is also verey willing to help or assist other players with problems if he can.

Estarinuta is a royal guard for the tribe ERG (Elite Rascia Gods) which means he is responsible for the safety of the tribe. He has already helped to forge an alliance between ERG and another powerful tribe. This came about due to ERG inadvertantly harbouring a fugitive (rwebb555) who had been attacking and bullying another tribe and went to ERG for shelter. However, when a member of the affected tribe contacted Estarinuta he quickly ensured that rwebb555 was ejected from the tribe and helped the members of the other tribe defeat him. Estarinuta was then contacted by the cheif diplomat of the other tribe and he directed them to ERG's diplomats and advised them to accept the offer.