HOT W2 leaders Edit

The Holy order of truth was first created by a W1 player called Jester. W2 started two months after w1 and saw the birth of a new HOT. The leadership history includes Krahl, Maige, Colossus_of_VA, Solfar, Bishop52761, and Shade O. Danzer. Other players include Gunbound]Ss[, McM0mmy, keilantra, Mantho, DTATAM, jacobite, kodabar, cadence and various other players.

History and allies Edit

HOT has been gernerally un provocative and friendly on the mostpart and has an open view on the world. It's diplomats have worked hard in diplomacy and are well respected in the world.

HOT has good relations with many tribes such as CMFAM,STW,ATEN but holds a tight sealed alliance with FTR and TW. Tribes members are generally great friends with one another and an un official brotherhood among these tribes can be seen by some.

HOT assisted its ally FTR in the war against XIG a few months back along with many of FTRs allies. HOT however recently pulled out of the war to save tribes members and has been told as "honourable" by the leader of XIG, Warhawg.