This is a list of articles that need to be created or improved. Please see our Editing guide for help on how to edit an article.

Articles that need to be improvedEdit

Our political section needs a little work, and you can help by creating an article on any of the top 10 tribes in any world, or a former great tribe that held a top position for a long time before falling. Please try to be as unbiased as possible. One article per family tribe please.

Notable Tribes World 1

Notable Tribes World 2

Notable Tribes World 3

Notable Tribes World 4

Notable Tribes World 5

Notable Tribes World 6

Articles that need to be created.Edit

This is a list of articles that need to be created that are not jest created. Please read the description and feel free to contribute.

Tribal Wars lingo- An article on common Tribal Wars terms that a new member may not understand. For example sniping, Sim-city, farming, etc.

Nobling guide- We need a guide on how to noble a village, strategies, etc.