The light cavalry is a good offensive unit. One of its advantages is its speed.


Offensive Strength   = 130

General Defense      = 30

Calvary Defense      =  40


Light Cavalry are very good in attacking and farming due to their fast speed. They can beat defenses of Swordsmen or Heavy Cavalry very easily.


Like all Cavalry, Light Cavalry's weakness is the Spear fighters. The way to counter this weakness is to send Axemen with the Light Cavalry. But you have to decide if you wish to have your attack duration being longer or lose more Light Cavalry without the help of Axemen to counter the Spear fighters. When attacking with Light Cavalry send scouts along with them and before them that way you can see the size their army.


Stable Level 3
Research Light Calvary in Smithy. You need to have a stable. (Requirements for stable: level 5 barracks, level 5 smithy, and level 10 Village Headquarters)


Wood = 125

Clay = 100

Iron = 250