Arguably the most egotistical and self-centered of all players, he has gained popularity through noob-bashing, arguments, being ridiculously good-looking, and stuff that makes no sense.

The Hellz <3 fan club (officially started on 1st July 2007, actually several months before) now has more than 30 members, and through shameless self-advertisment and his blunt "worship me or i'll send a crushing attack at you, rimside noob" attitude, it shall grow in size. The Hellz fan club carries a large assortment of brandname goods, including, yet not limited to, Lord Hellz underwear, Lord Hellz t-shirts, and the recent cult hit, Lord Hellz, God he's sexy... fashionable signatures.

The lovely Lord Hellz continues to astound the players of world 4 with his great charms and amazing good looks and has recently been linked to be having an affair with LIFE player Jinzee. Hellz is yet to confirm or deny if this rumour is true.

Lord Hellz <3


The Hellz Biographer (Edgey10) <3 and Assistent Hellz Biographer (Robertaiking) *huggles*

Lord Hellz also acknowledges The Amazingly Lovely Yuki (The Unnamed Warrior) as high priestess of the Lord Hellz fanclub, because she is just awesome like that.