LotS-M (+MK+) is a tribe that was #1 on K16 on world 9. It was part of Llod empire.

Today, it is +MK+, since it split off of the Llod family, causing the LotS-L tribe to fall. They joined SKY (former Lot-S) or +MK+(former LotS-A, then changed to LotS-M). +MK+'s major enemies were Minos and PWN26. Minos is crushed already. But, around the first few days of March 2008, suddenly people started leaving. This was known as the downfall of +MK+. Nobody knows yet why people started to leave, but one reason could be that the duke was too inactive. The tribe was at its peak, when it reached the 39th best tribe in the world. It used to have almost 7 million points. Today, it has around 600,000 points.