Major Wars of World 6Edit

MCD WarEdit

The MCD war was basically a MCD vs. World war. MCD took on 5 top 10 tribes.

Up until June 15, the world was operating pretty peacefully. There were the occasional wars once in a while, but very few amongst the top 10 tribes. Except for K56. A conflict between MCD and RFG was on the horizon. From the start of the world a few weeks before that day, K56 was a RFG continent. MCD controlled K55. MCD decided to try to expand west, into. Their first attempt was to do it peacefully - Recruit as many players as possible. They managed to take over most of southeast K56. But RFG still had the firm grip on the north and west. Eventually, MCD decided their peaceful plan wasn't going to work. They declared war.

At this time, RFG was rank 8, and RFG2 was in the 50s, although one of the best in K56. MCD was rank 1, due to a merge with PH. They also formed MCD a, which was also a top 10 tribe.

RFG managed to pull off a "David vs. Goliath battle" for a few days. Although they lost a few good players to MCD, for the most part, they held their ground. MCD once again went under another merge, this time with B.A. MCD*BA was formed, and MCD lost a lot of respect for this, as Uldor (The MCD leader) had previously stated that "MCD will not merge to the top, but will rather conquer and battle to the top."

MCD a and MCD*BA then left the MCD family within the following week. It may have been to regain some respect, and it may have been to run from the war. Whatever the reason was, MCD's chances weren't looking so great.

But still, MCD had more points. They might have been able to take down RFG single-handedly. They might have too. But Uldor may have ruined it all. Uldor made some ridiculous requests to GU and CHE!!!, two other top ten tribes. This resulted in GU and CHE!!! declaring war on MCD, and it looked like it was over for MCD. And as insult to injury, KoD and it's family also joined in. Ever since, MCD has fell, and the other tribes have risen. RFG made a huge jump to rank 4, and also regained control over K56. CHE!!! is now in first, and GU is in second.

In the end, MCD admitted defeat and disbanded. The members that were still in MCD at the time are still being targeted by GU/CHE!!!, and any tribe that takes them in will have problems.