This is just what one very forgetful player's memory is of large wars on different servers. The point of this topic is so that tribes and wars don't get lost in the past, which is quite easy with the amount of the more experienced players leaving these days. I may have missed out some tribes in some of the wars, or got some facts wrong, feel free to edit any of these statements to make them as extensive as possible. I have left out a number of some of the larger wars too, mainly because I'm so unqualified to go into detail about them.

Let's try and make this as unbiased as possible. I may have already made some biased statements, if you think they can be better worded, then go ahead and change them.

--Matt-the-twat 20:45, 25 April 2007 (UTC)

"Hello, I have also been playing TW for a couple of years now and will try to record the calamities and quite spectacular events which lead up to the downfall of many tribes and the rise to those who succeed. --chaserxvi 10:00, 6 June 2008 (UTC)

World one's world/largest wars Edit

I am not the best person to talk about wars on this server, I would be grateful if someone else could help-out.

--Matt-the-twat 20:29, 25 April 2007 (UTC)

TW, TW2, HOT, and Paladin family vs. ROBAC, ROBTAC, and HNR, I believe. And I think Death was in there too.

World two's world/largest wars Edit

  • PTT family and allies Vs FTR family and allies

Largely received as the 'World War 1' of the World 2 server. This war lasted a long time, even by war standards. This war occurred when FTR was rank 1, and the PTT family consisted of four factions, plus AoS, scattered throughout the rankings, as well as a coalition of allies. The war started it PTT's favor, but because of diplomatic problems within the family, other notable tribes such as Smoker and ESL piled on top of PTT. Not a single tribe that sided with PTT still exists.

  • FTR family Vs Hatred

This war stemmed from the PTT war. Once again, FTR were rank 1 at the time, and Hatred were rank 2. This war was pretty quick, with FTR prevailing. Hatred disbanded before they were eradicated completely, a reason why they disbanded so quickly was that some of their leaders and members were having problems spending so much time playing Tribalwars.

  • ESL family, FTR family Vs TUBA family

TUBA were defeated in this war, which was originally between ESL and TUBA.

  • XiG family and ESL Vs FTR, HOT, STW, TW, CE and CMFAM families

Also known as The XiG-FTR War or the "World War 2" of World 2, it was a major conflict in World 2 spanning several months. All majort tribes with the exception of Aten were involved, resulting in one of the largest scales conflict in the server.

The Beginning of the Conflict - The player asterios left FTR after nobling a large number of its inactives. He jumped from tribe to tribe, until finally settling in XiG. FTR contacted XiG, informing them that they considered asterios a fugitive and that he was to be nobled. XiG refused and took FTR's attacks on their member to be an act of war, since Asterios had left FTR for some time already not being attacked, which FTR explained as the necessary preparation time for a player of his size at the time. Thus, war was declared.

The Alliance Steps In - For the first week in the conflict, FTR was perceived to be losing. It was argued however, that it was unfair that a family tribe was attacking a smaller elite tribe. This situation was turned around when on March 6th, 2007, at 21:00, the tribes of TW, HOT, StW, and CMFAM declared war on XiG, joined by CE.

The war lasted long, Asterios being eliminated from w2 about mid-time. FTR endured XiG/ESL attacks for long, while HOT and StW proved the fiercest oponents to the XiG empire. The demise of FTR began when XiG signed a cease-fire with HOT. Soon after TW and StW were also included in the cease fire, left pretty much alone, FTR members left to other tribes, resulting in the end of FTR, one of the most dominant tribes w2 ever saw. The war had ended, and with it the geopolitical situation of world 2 changed. StW and HOT grew greatly from the war, establishing themselves as powerhouses and battle-ready. StW had control of the NorthWest, with a huge tight cluster there, and HOT was very big in the East. XiG and ESL solidified their main clusters, and despite losing many isolated clusters, survived the war in good shape. Left in a precarious position, CMFAM and CE merged respectively with TW and Aten, and the new 5 superpowers that would rule w2 for the next times were StW, HOT, Aten, TW and XiG. Curretly StW and XiG exist no longer, having formed CEG, composed of the Northwest cluster from StW and the Southern empire of former XiG, a union of former enemies.

--Matt-the-twat 20:22, 25 April 2007 (UTC)

--XiG-FTR War summary by Jack Krauser, 11 July 2007

World three's world/largest wars Edit

  • Many high profile, yet, relatively minor wars

- Central Alliance ([DR], HTW-R and D.V) Vs MASONS

- Central Alliance ([DR], HTW-R and D.V) Vs RoCK family

- Other even minor wars, but high profile. Including: IP vs FTR, etc.

- Central Alliance ([DR], HTW-R and D.V) vs _KOD_ family

- Central Alliance ([DR], HTW-R and D.V) and D*D Vs IP and HOT families

--Matt-the-twat 20:18, 25 April 2007 (UTC)

World four's world/largest wars Edit

  • OA, UNMC, UNSF, TW, KOWK, OAK Vs RO family, W00t family, MCD, :FTR: family, OAK

This war wasorted with Xe sheer numbers in the first three days of the war. Then, UNMC and UNSF g