Minos was a powerful tribe on K16 in World 9. It was a rival of Lots-M, and caused them a lot of problems. Led by Minoanviking, and with experienced leaders as his assistants, it grew to over 50 members and was beginning to rival Lots-M in strength. However, it was not meant to be. Lots-M had a spy in Minos, and he worked his way to the top. He was given the ability to disband the tribe, and he did. Though Minos was quickly reestablished, Lots-M had moved on the disorder quickly. They nobled tens of players in Minos. This caused many players to be destroyed and many to join other alliances thinking that they would be spared. When Minoanviking was nobled by BIRD, it was over. All of the most powerful players left. Left with a few members, it merged for the most part with the Radicals. Now only Minoanviking and a couple of other members have stayed. It will most likely never be a factor on K16 again. Many of MK (Former Lots-M) most powerful players gained much of their strength in the chaos following the disbanding of Minos, and though it reformed, it did not have the strength at that point to survive. Some of it's players were able to join MK.