Since the beginning of World 1, a few tribes have reached promenience on the world stage through diplomacy, military strength, sheer size, or a combination of qualities.

Current TribesEdit

These tribes currently hold a large influence on World 1.

T:V - Tribes: VengeanceEdit

Tribes: Vengeance, also known as T:V, is by far the most dominant tribe on World 1. Both of its branches are in the top two in the rankings. Small actions by T:V have been known to have large ramifications on the world. The tribe controls a large cluster spanning outward from the core. Formerly known as Tribal War, or TW, it has undergone a recent name change. As TW, it achieved world dominence in the RoBAC-TW war, in which it won a decisive victory over the then number one, RoBAC. Following the disbandments of HOT and RoBAC (the former due to a schism in the leadership of the tribe), TW benefited from taking in many of the talented players from these tribes. Currently it is fighting a war against a large tribal coalition assembled in opposition to the dominence of T:V.

Historical TribesEdit

These tribes, while having had a major influence in the past, no longer do, due to military defeat, disbandment, or a severe reduction in size.

The Paladins Family (SP, NP, VP, TP)Edit

The Paladins Family was once the most powerful family tribe in World 1. It held an alliance with TW and gave it support during the RoBAC war. The departure of its influential leader, Amazon Jim, caused its influence to decline. The Smurfs-NP war also reduced it in size. It now only exists as NP and is a member of the coalition against T:V.

RoBAC - The Royal Bastards AcademyEdit

RoBAC, also known as The Royal Bastards Academy, was an elite tribe that held the number one ranking prior to TW. At its height, it consisted of RoBAC, RoBTAC, HNR, and IK. It was defeated in the TW-RoBAC war and disbanded. Many of its players joined other tribes.

HOT - The Holy Order of TruthEdit

The Holy Order of Truth, also known as HOT, was a large tribe that was a close ally of TW. At the beginning of the RoBAC-TW war, it pledged support to TW. However, a disagreement in the leadership regarding whom to support resulted in the tribe's disbandment. The members ended up primarily joining either TW or RoBAC, with a portion forming HOT factions, such as 46 HOT and Reborn. Later attempts to reform the tribe were unsuccessful.

M.E. - Mandalorian Empire

The Mandalorian Empire, also known as ME, was a large tribe which was closely linked to the tribe the Fell Empire. The leaders of both tribes had been at war for almost a year. They continued to battle each other and put everything to attacking each other. Eventually the Fell Empire went innactive and was nobled completely by the Mandalorian Emperor, this started a time of prosperity in which The Mandalorian Empire prospered, it even made an academy tribe named the Mandalorian Imperium. However eventually the leader went innactive and the rest of the tribe died.