PKs were a well known and sucsessful tribe from travian(a similar game) of whom made a move to tribalwars after winning the travian "server 4". Their philosophy and style of leadership is quite unique and has attracted many highly aggressive and active players into their rank. PKs Held records on travian for longest time at rank 1 and largest armies ever assembled across all worlds... It would be of little suprise if this was to transfer over onto tribalwars in the same way.

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Taken from the tribe Profile..

HISTORY PKs is a tribe whose founding members are friends from the old alliance "Player Killers (PKs)" from a similar game Travian - PKs was the dominant alliance of Travian server 4 destroying the mighty Genesis alliance in our way to victory. We dominated server 4 there with our aggressive play and destroyed many big sim-city alliances(tribes). You can say PKs spelled TERROR for the people who were not on our side in s4 travian. So, We are here to rock TW in the same way.

DESCRIPTION We are a group of players who are bored of playing Sim city. We are a team that works together in an organized manner to achieve set goals. Always ready to risk everything and will not be discouraged by the size and power of any tribe. We value Teamwork and Activity and prefer Quality over Quantity. We are PKs ^^

RECRUITMENT PKs is only recruiting highly active and aggressive players, however, meeting those criteria is no guarantee for membership. For recruiting Contact dudeyboy (First read his profile). Make sure you say "Why" you want to join and do not expect a reply if you fall way below the standards.


Member of the LFKD Alliance.


Naps Iceco

For any diplomatic questions mail Hilsted

GENERAL QUERIES Any queries can be directed to Mattius.

In PKs there is no room for high point but 'sim city' players, Inactivity will not be tolerated, Red dot means dismissal straightaway.