Rivka Edit

Rivka Pirate Cap'n Rivka, also sometimes refered to as just Riv, is a girl. (However, we only have her word for it, by outside sources is has been neither confirmed, nor denied.)

She is:

-Extremely hyper

-Teh sweetie distributor

-little. blond.

-Cap'n. End of.

-Supposedly one of the craziest people that you'll ever meet.

She has:

-a Pirate Crew :)

-a love of Hugs.

-a larrge amount of followers.

Rivka and Tribal Wars Edit

It is possible that she does indeed play W3, and dazzles W7. An unconfirmed rumour states that she also may play on a different server of TribalWars, though this is considered unlikely, since her dutch isn't very good.

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