Run for Glory - Basic Info Edit

Run For Glory (Tag: RFG) was founded by niceboydudu in World 5. It since has become a top 10 tribe in both World 5 and World 6 topping out at #5 in World 5 and #3 in World 6.

RFG in World 2 is not formerly recognized by the founders of Run For Glory.

World 5 Edit

World 6 Edit

RFG is a non-family tribe (as of late June 2007) based on teamwork and strong playing ability. RFG is known for its large amount of good, knowledgeable players on World 6.


The main base of RFG in World 6 is in K56 where they have the majority of the top players on that continent. K53 is also another spot on World 6 where RFG thrives.


The main leader of RFG is niceboydudu who topped at rank 1 in the beginning of July. Other leaders include:

Dukes: Rix a Trix, Aquarium
Barons: Radioplug, -AnTi-



RFG was founded by Niceboydudu, as in world 5. He created it on the first day of world 6, March 29, 2007. Many players from the RFG of world 5 were invited to join, and three basic cores were formed in K53, K56 and K34.

Pre-Noble EraEdit

Before most players got nobles, RFG kept expanding by the only possible way - Recruiting. They became second in K56, and maintained a top 10 ranking in K53 and K34. They also became one of the top tribes in the world.


Once RFG reached 100+ members, they started looking to create a family. RFG2 was created from scratch. OrC, another top tribe of K56 was turned into RFG3. RFG4 was also made from nothing. 300SWs, also a top tribe of K56, joined in as RFG5. RFG6 was eventually created but wasn't very successful. The family maintained, if not raised, RFG's rankings in K53, K56 and K34.


Once the RFG family reached 5-6 tribes, the dukes of RFG decided that communication was terrible between those tribes. The best players of RFG3, RFG4 and RFG5 joined RFG, while as many players as possible joined RFG2. This move made the RFG family from 6 tribes to 2, and eased communication.

Expansion And WarEdit

During the contraction, a war with RIM was already happening. This war was easily ended once only two RFG tribes remained. That war paved the road for a huge expansion of RFG. RFG players frequently took villages, and RFG was rank 8 in the world. They then went to war with MCD, which was the first of many wars to come. More information about individual wars can be found below.

World War One EraEdit

On July 15, 2007, CHE!!!, GU, and STONED declared war on KoD. This was the beginning to what many considered "World War One." RFG's stance in this war is currently neutral.


RFG vs. RIMEdit

This was the first war in World 6 was between RFG and RIM. This war took place on K53 where RFG and RIM where #1 and #2 respectively. Although RIM was powerful, RFG targeted PerQ, who RFG considered the real leader of RIM. Before any one side could come out as a clear victor, facts were cleared up and a NAP was created between RFG and RIM. The war was understood to be caused by some misunderstandings. Within a few weeks, the majority of RIM merged into CHE!!!, effectively ending the war.

The final score was 15-11 in favor of RFG.

RFG vs. MCDEdit

The second significant war in World 6 involved Uldor's MCD versus RFG. At the time, MCD was #1 in the world after successfully merging several tribes. As they encroached on K56, they declared war on RFG on June 15, 2007. RFG fought strong, minimizing their losses to approximately 3 villages to 1 taken by RFG. Suddenly, MCD=A=, the academy of MCD disbanded without notification on June 19th.

The reason of why MCD=A= disbanded is a cause of much controversy. Some believe it was the inevitable intervention of CHE!!!/GU in the war against MCD. Some believe it was inter-tribe disputes. Nevertheless, a large portion of the MCD army against RFG was destroyed within a matter of minutes.

MCD=A= disbanding proved to be the turning point in the war. Shortly after on June 23, 2007, CHE!!! and GU announced that they were officially at war with MCD. After several planned mass attacks, the majority of MCD was pushed out of K56. From this point on, MCD began spiraling downwards until they disbanded on July 6th, 2007.

The final score was 48-27 in favor of RFG

More information can be found here

RFG vs. GoTEdit

The third war in World 6 was begun for expansion purposes on July 2nd, 2007. It was grouped with a declaration of refusing to let any *LR* members into RFG (which there was much speculation that *LR* was going to merge into RFG). This war ended when GoT merged *LR* to create =GLR=. New leadership took place and peace was made.

The final score was 7-0 in favor of RFG

RFG vs. (LoH)Edit

The fourth war in World 6 was begun for expansion purposes unofficially on July 3rd, 2007. Much controversy has been stirred up in this war as (LoH) was in an apparent merge with DCT, an enemy tribe of RFG in World 5. The attack plans were already in place and some had commenced when DCT began the merge with (LoH). DCT has refused to dismiss former (LoH) players, which has heated up tensions.

The score is 12-1 in favor of RFG (as of July 15th, 2007)
Only includes (LoH)

RFG vs. DCTEdit

The fifth war for Run for Glory in World 6 began due to conflicts with RFG's interest. It was found that a few enemy tribes (MCD and (LoH)) had been in contact with DCT in the past to attempt to overthrow RFG, specifically on K56. As points shifted from (LoH) to DCT, war was emminent. Although war was officially declared on July 8th, 2007, the war began a week earlier when actions commenced against (LoH).

The war against DCT is the second largest war in RFG's history, with DCT ranking 16th at the time the war began.

The score is 38-9 in favor of RFG (as of July 15th, 2007)

World War 1Edit

World War 1 was declared in W6 on July 15th, 2007. The status of RFG in the war is neutral.

Insignificant WarsEdit

There were several wars that were side wars. Usually these wars consist of another tribe declaring war on RFG but failing to execute on them. They are:

RFG vs. MOB4 (Reason: MOB4 declare war on entire RFG family) Final Score: 4-0 in favor of RFG

RFG vs. *TRK* (Reason: Expansion war gone sour)

Score: 9-1 in favor of RFG (as of July 15th, 2007)