Scouts are part of a defensive division. They are made in the Stables and cost 50 Wood, 50 Clay and 20 Iron to make 1 Scout. They are available to build once the stable is built and a certain amount of resources to be paid in the Smithy.

The Scouts are used to scout other villages by attacking them. They can't attack the village, which means they can't kill other troops, but there is only one way that they can be killed. The only troops that can stop Scouts are other scouts. If the Scouts attack a village with Scouts in them, then the defending Scouts will attack the attacking Scouts. To survive when using scouts, you must use double the amount of defending scouts, or yours will be killed. When defending, you must use at least half of the amount of attacking scouts.

Scouts attacking a village will not attack any troops. Whilst it may seem pointless to have Scouts they do have their strongpoints. They can get a report on a village. This means if they attack a village they can find out:

How many troops a village has

How their buildings are set out (On certain worlds)

If their troops are out somewhere else (On Paladin worlds, your Paladin must be equipped with Kalid's Telescope)

How many resources the village has

It is important that you should always scout villages before attacking them, so you can find out about the village , unless you don't think you need to, though that is not reccommended.