In the smithy you can research and improve weapons. Upgrading the smithy allows the research of better weapons and decreases the research time.

On some worlds, once you research a unit, you will be able to research 'Level 2', then 'Level 3' etc. With every upgrade, a unit will become stronger, more effective in a battle. Each unit can be researched up to Level 10. The total number of researches is limited by 15. To make room for another research you can revoke research levels, but be careful, resources will not be refunded. The requirements are level 5 HQ and level 1 Barracks. The maximum level of Smithy is 20.

You Can Research:

- Axemen

- Archers (If Enabled)

- Scouts

- Light Cavalry

- Mounted Archers (If Enabled)

- Heavy Cavalry

- Ram

- Catapult

And Depending on the world settings you can upgrade them.

Note: Spearmen and Swordsmen are already researched.