This is in no way a complete "dictionary", as it were. If you can think of more lingo terms, then by all means hit that "Edit" tab and add it in.

Knocker - Someone who mails another player to see  if they're online then raids the butthole if they're not.

Blowfish -  A tribe which has a lot of points but no communication between members. Often does not have forums or a circular mail system.

Continent Tribe - A tribe which is based within one continent. This packs members in like Sardines, and can make it hard for the tribe to expand out from its former state. Usually a continent tribe will move in on another continent once they have secured their first.

Elite Tribe - A tribe which has a recruitment policy of quality over quantity. Instead of inviting enmass an Elite tribe would make sure only the best members gained access to their ranks. This would make them very small in number, but exceptionally powerful. Due to their recruitment policy, their members would usually be spread out all over the Globe, making it easy for smaller closer grouped tribes such as Continent Tribes to take out those members located close to them.

Family Tribe - A group of tribes which often throws all issues of quality out of the window in their recruitment. They often quite are willing to invite anybody and everybody. These tribes will usually be split into continental groups, sharing the same diplomacy. They are usually set up to get past the tribe member limits but, can be for logistic and organizational purposes as well. They usually have poor communication, a ton of inactive members and are incapable of effectively coordinating. There are some exceptions to this rule but, in general they are targets for everyone around them.

Farm - noun: A player who is constantly attacked by another player (or players) for their resources. They tend to be inactive players, who are not capable of fighting back due to their inactivity.

            verb: To farm is to repeatedly send troops to a village to take some of or all of its resources; people often tend to farm using Light Cavalry or Spear fighters due to their carrying capacity. 

Clearing - The act of killing the troops in a village usually preceding a noble train.

Nobling - Conquering a village with noblemen (takes 3-5 passes).

Noble Train - A set of Noblemen (Usually 4) sent at a village so that it falls instantly when the last Nobleman hits it. The majority of players with even a tad of Tribal Wars experience will be found to be using this often during their attacks. Its format is usually:

  1. Clearing attack
  2. 1st noble
  3. 2nd noble
  4. 3rd noble
  5. 4th noble with defensive force OR
  6. Support forces to defense village

Point Whore - A player who maxes out their villages for the points to boost their score.

Rimming - Nobling all of a player's villages, so they are forced to start over on the rim (the edge of the map).

Refugee - A player that switches to a different tribe when attacked, for the protection of their new tribe. Most tribes will automatically dismiss refugees.

Sim City - A term for a player who builds their villages yet does not build any troops within this. This is in reference to the game "Sim City," which consists solely of building a rich city, and contains no violence whatsoever aside from the occasional alien invasion.

Sniper - A term for a player who nobles a village after another player has cleared it - without the other player's permission. Sniping often occurs after the player who cleared the village has made several passes with their noblemen.

Backtiming- A tactic used when dealing with a noble attack. The defending player dodges an incoming noble attack and recalls their troops so that they return soon after the attack and launches a timed counter-attack so that it lands when the offender's troops return to their village with little or no time to dodge, killing all of their offensive troops and the noble.

Turtle - A player who builds purely defensive troops, and does not bother to build much/any offensive forces.

Tribe Hopper - A player who constantly switches tribes without settling.

Strategist - A player who only builds the buildings needed for nobles troops and resources and doesn't max out what they do not need.

'Nuke- A full attack with huge amounts of offensive troops on a player, emulating a nuclear bomb, and can be great when followed by a noble train.

Re Cap - To take back a village while it still has low loyalty from being recently conquered.

Dodger- A player that sends their troops to support a Barbarian Village to protect his troops from farming. This may end when the attacking player tries to noble them.

Snipe - To have defensive troops land in a village in between incoming nobles to prevent a sucessful conquer.

Spike- When a player sends troops to support a popular Barbarian Village in order to kill any attacker's troops. Spiking usually occurs with large level Barbarian Villages to kill the troops of anyone farming that village.