The XiG - FTR War was a major conflict in World 2 spanning several months.

The Beginning of the ConflictEdit

The player asterios left FTR after nobling a large number of its inactives. He jumped from tribe to tribe, until finally settling in XiG. FTR contacted XiG, informing them that they considered asterios a fugitive and that he was to be nobled. XiG refused and took FTR's attacks on their member to be an act of war. Thus, war was declared.

The Alliance Steps InEdit

For the first week in the conflict, FTR was perceived to be losing. It was argued however, that it was unfair that a family tribe was attacking a smaller elite tribe. This situation was turned around when on March 6th, 2007, at 21:00, the tribes of TW, HOT, StW, and CMFAM declared war on XiG.

Excerpt of the DeclarationEdit

"Greetings Denizens of World 2,

Today is a day that will live in infamy. At 22:00 server time, XiG will be suddenly and deliberately attacked...

This attack was due to Xig's unprovoked attacks on our ally FTR. XiG maintains that these attacks were due to FTR's unprovoked aggression against Asterios, now while many love Asterios for the sword bearing, forum trolling, Lego maniac he is, it is well known to all tribes that when he left FTR and began slandering their name and providing intel he had received from them, that he became persona non grata for all tribes.

Any tribe with a sense of decency or honor would have refused to accept such a traitor into their ranks once the truth was known about him. Many tribes he fled to immediately removed him from their ranks once they knew the truth of his actions or outright declined his many pleading requests for an invitation, except for one. A tribe that was so caught up in their quest to achieve the top spot that they were blind to all but his points. A tribe so blinded by their desire to reach number one that they not only accepted him but believed his lies and made him a leader in their tribe. A tribe with such poor self esteem that they actually viewed him as a hero. For this we were willing to forgive them but then they began to plot against FTR and others going so far as to begin drawing up plans of conquest on their forums and finally launching attacks against FTR for an action that they knew was coming and could easily have avoided.

Now they have taken it upon themselves to not only harbor this fugitive but to fight to protect him. For these actions and more we declare war on XiG and all of their ill begotten subtribes. These XiG shall be driven from this land and returned to their rightful place upon the rim. These attacks will not cease until such time as every XiG has been defeated."